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Our tech analyzes more data so you don’t have to.

Get Phylum’s comprehensive analysis across five critical domains.


Malicious Code

Find malware and backdoors that can compromise developers or build and production infrastructure.


Engineering Risk

Assess package viability by analyzing test coverage, level of maintenance, technical debt, and code quality.


License Misuse

Evaluate the commercial viability of licenses and how they change over time.


Software Vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities beyond curated repositories. Phylum’s ML catalogues vulnerabilities not registered in conventional databases.


Author Risk & Reputation

Consider social networks including author personas, country of origin, employer, and security posture.

The solution you’ve been looking for.

Surface issues faster.

Modern software has thousands of dependencies. Phylum’s user interface makes it easy to identify the issues that need your attention.

Customize your threat model.

Set your own thresholds to support your company’s priorities and policies.