Phylum is your solution for open source software supply chain security.

  • Get complete analysis from:

    • Static analysis of source code
    • Revision history
    • Author and package relationships
    • Dynamic analysis
    • Vulnerability and threat feeds
  • Proactive and automated
  • Comprehensive scope. Provides analysis across five domains of risk for software packages and their dependencies
  • Big data platform analyzes the open source ecosystem at scale
  • Quickly prioritize issues with a single score that quantifies open source risk


Our novel approach to supply chain security.

Comprehensive data sets.

Phylum ingests all information about open source packages to provide the most complete analysis.

Static analysis of open source packages.

Phylum analyzes the full source code of open source packages to allow deep understanding of issues.


Spotlight on Phylum’s analytics


Checks a customer's open source dependencies to ensure that they are not inadvertently relying on a malicious package due to an accidental misspelling of the legitimate package name.

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Repo jacking

Attackers can take over upstream packages if the original owner changes or deletes his/her username.

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See the most advanced analysis of open source risk.

Get actionable insights beyond known software vulnerabilities and license issues.