Phylum is the future of software supply chain security.

Get Phylum’s easy-to-understand risk score for open source software packages.

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SCA is dead.

Technology has evolved beyond Software Composition Analysis. It requires a new breed of defense:

Defend your system beyond known software vulnerabilities.

Today’s malicious actors are more sophisticated than ever. First gen products only identify software vulnerabilities and license issues. Phylum analyzes all major risk classes across the entire software supply chain.

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Malicious Code

  • Malware
  • Backdoor
  • Hard disk wiper

Technical Debt

  • Abandoned packages
  • Removed packages
  • Untested packages

Author Risk & Reputation

  • Package quality vs. quantity
  • Malware additions

Get the most complete picture of open source risk.

Phylum provides the highest resolution view of open source risk by analyzing:

  • Source code
  • Revision history
  • Author relationships and behaviors
  • Package metadata
  • Package relationships

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Define your threat model to tune signal:noise.

Customize risk scoring by project to align with specific risk tolerance and business needs.

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Integrate in 60 seconds.

Our technology is flexible and designed to quickly and easily plug into your unique development process.

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Stay ahead of modern attacks.

Phylum detects present and future risk. Protect your code with machine learning, static, graph, and dynamic analysis.

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See your open source risk in our UI and CLI tool

Get actionable insights beyond known software vulnerabilities and license issues.

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